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how to choose

We believe that skin care should be simple
-just as Mother Nature intended

All of our products can be used from head to toe and also on the area around the eyes.

Our products are unisex and suitable for all skin types.

The skin feels different at different times and seasons. Just choose whichever product you feel like at any time of day or night.

We have also noticed that the skin loves a change, and therefore our products can be mixed together to create the perfect balance for any occasion.

Since our products contain only natural active ingredients, they are very rich; only a small amount each time is enough to give your skin a fresh helping of natural gourmet goodness.

Since our products are packed with diverse nutrients, all you need is a minimum of two products; our Oat Meal Soap for cleansing, and one cream, balm or oil serum for moisturizing, nurturing and protecting the skin. Simple and efficient -just like Mother Nature intended.

To make your start on the Niki Newd Fresh Skin Care journey easier we have we have put together some tips below.

  1. We believe in the wisdom of gentle and traditional cleansing as the foundation of a good daily skin care routine. Start with Niki Newd Oatmeal soap for face and body.
  2. For a smooth start apply any or a cocktail of all of the following products: Niki Newd Skin Cream, Skin Glow and/or Skin Velvet.
  3. For more enhanced richness add Skin Butter and/or Skin Balm to your product collection.
  4. Nothing beats a spritz of Niki Newd Skin Mist as a part of your very own tailored skin care cocktail. It has been specially designed to enable you to adjust the moisture level of any other Niki Newd® skin care product.
  5. Respond to the feel of your own skin's needs and enjoy!

Choose your product according to desired skin feel and your unique preferences.
Below is our guide to give you a hint of the skin feel of our products.